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I recently sold a house with a working veralite. I have several other controllers on my account and would like to disassociate the controller in question from my account. I’ve setup an account for the new owners on my existing account for now. The new owners would struggle to rebuild the system so would it would be best to avoid a complete reset. I’ve showed them how to work the system and they’re grateful for the support. They only have access to their house controller but I would prefer to make a clean break. Is there any way to do this myself or do I need to ask the owners to forward a photo of the serial number and Mac to to reassign the controller?

I think you simply remove the controller from your account and the new owners create an account and add the controller. I just purchased a Vera Plus from eBay. I simply did a factory restore and added it to my account.

So the point is to avoid a reset. New owners have no zwave experience so rebuilding after a reset would be a major effort for them. I just want to detach the controller from my account and to there’s instead. I’ve read this may require a background intervention by support and can’t be done by the users.

Create a new admin account for the new users then remove yours? Not sure that would work but sort of ticking in the back of my head…


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