Transfer Z-wave Network to USB Z-wave Radio Stick on Vera Plus

I need to get the z-wave radio much further away from my VeraPlus box because of a very unfortunate location of the box. I purchased a Z-wave radio USB stick to do this (HomeSeer SmartStick+ G2) and would like to plug this into a powered USB extension cable to get it pretty far away from my VeraPlus. I understand that I have to turn off the internal radio and transfer the Z-wave network to the USB Z-wave stick radio. I have read a few posts about going into Settings->Z-wave settings-> Options tab and changing the location of the Z-wave controller to /dev/ttyACM0 then using a network backup to restore the Z-wave network. I think I understand the general theory of what’s going on, but can somebody please write up a quick checklist of things to do to get an external USB z-wave radio stick plugged into a VeraPlus to take run the Z-Wave network? This is a little beyond my comfort zone. Thanks for this great community.

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