Triggering a reactor by running a scene

I’d like to trigger reactor by running a scene. Is this possible? I’m asking because Alexa can access scenes and I’d like to move some of my more complicated scenes using luup code, etc over to reactor.

I do something similar with Reactor. You need to install the plugin “Switchboard” which allows you to create virtual switches.

Then create and name a virtual switch to something Alexa friendly and set the default behavior of the switch to turn off after 20 seconds (you define the off-time in the switchboard pluigin which controls the behavior of the child switches). Having the auto-off property in the switch allows the reactor sensor to reset itself so it’s ready for another Alexa call when needed.

Then create a reactor sensor that has the virtual switch and any other intended conditions as the root of the sensor, triggered by the switch turning on and the set of group conditions you wish to test for going true. As well, you may not have any extra conditions and just use the on state of the virtual switch as your only condition.

You would then create your activities to trigger on the root going true.

Finally, add the virtual switch to the Alexa Vera skill using the Vera Alexa interface. Or, as many do, use the Philips Hue Alexa mimic software “HAbridge” on another server and turn the virtual switch on that way.

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This is excellent. Thank you!

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