Trouble activating Ecolink Intelligent Technology PIRZWAVE2-ECO-2


I already have 6 of these devices in my network, so in general they didn’t cause any trouble. Now I got two new ones and they are only registering as Generic_IO devices. Any idea what could be done to fix this?


I have the same issue, but it’s an Ecolink PIR-ZWAVE2.5-ECO. I’m not sure what’s going on. When I try to add them as a generic device, it adds a motion sensor and a parent device.

Same here. Tried everything I could think of. Anyone solve this? Might have to send this one back … I have the newer 2.5 version and updated to the latest firmware as of 3/7/17 :frowning: Wasted an entire evening trying to get this to work. Grrrrrr.

same for me. new Ecolink PIR-ZWAVE2.5 devices not recognized by Vera Edge controller latest firmware.

Apparently Vera is having problems with Ecolink products lately. Again, apparently there is a fix with Vera support.,49052.0.html

I just got 2 PIRZWAVE2.5 Motion detectors and have the issue of parent/child pairing. I have a Veraedge that is on the latest FW revision.

I cannot find a link to the solution - and no response from support.

Is there a fix?

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