Turn on lights annually starting the fourth Friday of November(Reactor)

Yes, if you guessed xmas lights, you’re correct.

I start my lights ablaze on the night of Black Friday. As Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November, this makes Black Friday the fourth Friday of November.

I’m looking for guidance on how to configure Reactor to turn on xmas lights from Black Friday thru January 7th (for our Orthodox xmas friends out there.)

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Actually, it makes Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving. This year 2019, that’s FIFTH Friday of November.

The simple answer, of course, is to just use date conditions and leave it at that, but you’ll need to adjust for Thanksgiving every year. If you don’t want to do that, which I fully understand, then an RS to tell you it’s the holiday season might look something like this:

  • Root group “Holiday Season” – “AND” operator
    • Group “Holiday Season” – “AND” operator, SUSTAINED FOR 86400
      • Group “Thanksgiving Day” – “AND” operator, LATCHED
        • Weekday is fourth THURSDAY
        • Date/Time between Nov 1 (no year) and Nov 30 (no year)
      • Date/Time condition between Nov 1 (no year) and Jan 8 (no year)

Working from the inside out… the “Thanksgiving Day” group will go true on the Fourth Thursday of November. It uses latched output, so once it goes true, it stays true until reset.

The date/time condition “between Nov 1 and Jan 8” is anded with the Thanksgiving Day group, driving the “Holiday Season” group true (and when this Nov1-Jan8 date/time condition goes false, it causes the latch on the Thanksgiving Day group to be released). Together, the Thanksgiving Day group and the date/time condition cause a true condition on the “Holiday Season” group from Thanksgiving Day through the end of Jan 7 (i.e. until midnight Jan 8). To defer the true for 24 hours so it doesn’t start until Black Friday, the “Holiday Season” group is given a 24-hour (86400 second) “sustained for” delay option. The overall tripped/untripped state of this ReactorSensor advertises holiday mode (tripped = holiday period). You can use this in other ReactorSensors, or with other groups in this sensor (carefully grouped!), to turn your lights on and off at the right times.

I’ve implemented the above - now we wait :slight_smile:

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