Turning Off Vera Secure Indicator Lights

I searched the forum and was kind of shocked I could not find any discussion on this topic yet. I have my Vera secure hub located in my bedroom along with other hubs and equipment such as router, Hue hub, NVR, Lift Master Gateway etc. At night all this equipment lights up my room like a Christmas tree. Now if I woke up every morning with Christmas presents neatly wrapped and placed under my Vera Secure hub I would not have such a big issue with these indicator lights. Unfortunately I must be on the Santa’s naughty list because this does not seem to be the case. I am able to toggle off indicator lights on some of the other equipment such as my Asus router, but have not yet found a way to turn off the Vera Secure indicator lights. For now I placed electrical tape over the lights, but I was hoping there was a way to disable the lights from inside the UI. If not this would be a nice feature addition.

I can probably give you some lua code to run and turn them off temporarily. One reason why you may not want to do that is that the vera relies heavily on these LEDs to indicate status of various things. If it fails to boot, you may not know what stage it is at. The code would have to be run after the vera boots up and the luup engine is turned on. It LEDs will turn back on (at least the zwave zigbee and service ones) at every luup reload. If you want to do that let me know.

I find, in similar circumstances, that a strip of insulating tape works wonders. Removeable too!


And when its Christmas just upgrade to 7.030 and wooops and you have a Christmas tree!:joy:


alright just in case you guys want to play with this:

the command line to turn leds on and off are:

set_led.sh on service
set_led.sh on bluetooth
set_led.sh on zwave
set_led.sh on zigbee
set_led.sh on wifi
set_led.sh on power
set_led.sh on internet

replace on with off if you want to turn off

From the lua code screen or if you want to make it a scene you can use this to turn everything off:
os.execute("set_led.sh off all")

You can also repeat the on/off with “blink” with you really want christmas lighting… you know… or run it with offsets to get it to go knightrider style…

If you run this:

os.execute("set_led.sh blink power")
os.execute("set_led.sh blink internet")
os.execute("set_led.sh blink wifi")
os.execute("set_led.sh blink zwave")
os.execute("set_led.sh blink service")
os.execute("set_led.sh blink zigbee")
os.execute("set_led.sh blink bluetooth")

There is enough delay in the luup engine to get your vera to become a green garland. Merry Christmas! :partying_face: :evergreen_tree: :star2:


So I realllly like LightDims for this. In the past I used electrical tape and other tape, but worth it for me to pay a little for something designed for the application. I have one set each of black regular strength, black blackout strength, silver regular strength, and white regular strength. If you don’t care about color, one set has enough to darken a whole room full of electronics.

Example on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/LightDims-Original-Strength-Electronics-Appliances/dp/B01BZBBITE/ref=sr_1_4?crid=5IJ5KEJJWYVI&keywords=light+dims+led+blocker&qid=1577140339&sprefix=light+dims%2Caps%2C164&sr=8-4


Thanks rafale! I am going to consider going this route. Well for shutting them off at least. I am not sure I am ready for the Night Rider theme. I am worried I may set a scene incorrectly and be ejected through my ceiling while I am sleeping. Might have to work my way up to that one. :smile:

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Thank you. Had not seen those before and I see that they are available on this side of the pond too.

Totally boggling at this concept :smiley:

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