Twillio API Security settings changing June 2019

Hi Richard,
I revieved a mail to the above effect a month or so back and just wondering what we need to do here to retain functionality? is this something you are aware of and working on?

Extract from the mail I recieved

Starting June 26, 2019, our REST API will only support connections that use TLS v1.2 and strong cipher suites. Support for TLS v1.0, v1.1 and weak cipher suites will be removed at that time. Customers running older operating systems or legacy network software may need to upgrade their systems to be compatible with these changes.

Note: This was originally announced May 2018 and postponed from June 2018 to June 2019.

You are receiving this notice because our logs show your account is connecting to our REST API using one of the protocols or cipher suites that will be deprecated in June, 2019. Therefore, action is required on your part to ensure your Twilio service is not interrupted.

More Info here.

The lack of a reply from Richard is why I no long use ANY of his apps for ANYTHING. Very typical. The only other thing worse, is his documentation. It would not be bad if they were free, but they are NOT. A lesson for all. If you download an app, it is only good for as long as it is supported. And if you pay for it, (again every time you upgrade to a new Vera device), it should be supported when it stops working. I use Vera notifications. Crude, but reliable.

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