Two alerts or more in a row with Vera Alerts, is this possible?

So I have a scene that when my alarm is armed and an exterior door is opened, it will immediately send me an alert via Vera Alerts & Pushover, what I want to happen is instead of just one single pushover Noise/Alert then done, to have it send three in a row or something to that affect. The purpose is because at night there is a 30-45second delay before the house alarm siren goes off, so i would like an immediate TEXT/ALERT when an exterior sensor is opened. And just having one single pushover sound/message in the middle of the night may not be enough (i’m a light sleeper but would want something more)

Thoughts on best way to achieve this or another route?

Answered my own questions:

Just copy/paste the lua code in advanced editor as many times as you want the alert to push to Pushover. :slight_smile:

There is also a “message repeat count” setting in Vera Alerts settings that works like you describe.

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