TZE93 Underfloor heating

Hope this is the correct place.

We’re about to get our kitchen re-done so the time is for underfloor heating.

I was thinking that one of these:

Will do the job to give me slightly different temperature in my kitchen vs the hall. Although this is clearly Z-wave enabled, the manual is very much leant towards using it as a normal period thermostat / timeclock
I assume I can just dump this in manual mode and have Vera set my desired setpoints as a normal scene.

Anyone see any issues with this? Anyone had any experience? Anyone have a better suggestion (bearing in mind I’m in the UK)



You will need to find a thermostat that has “zones” that can be independently set.
Setting periods is more than helpful but it will only set One Temp whether it is Kitchen or Hall.
Your solution may be multiple Thermostats each controlling there own zone.


I probably wasn’t clear. There is already a thermostat in the hall which controls the house heating system (normal boilers and radiators) over Vera. The underfloor in the kitchen will be controlled independently as the radiator in the kitchen is both too small and in a stupid place.

So effectively I’m looking to be able to control the underfloor with a thermostat in the kitchen and the rest of the house, as is, with the thermostat in the hall.



We’re using it for bathroom electric under floor with Homeseer

Cheers! That’s useful!


I have 2 of these and do not recommend them :frowning:

This device is poorly designed and manufactured. First unit was malfunctioning and was replaced even before connecting it to Vera. Now I have problem with second unit - the front glass is peeling off the main unit.

Although both of them were smoothly added to Vera, temp reporting is working randomly. Also it has very bright screen that stays always on (even if device is off).

Thanks for the update!


Have a look at the Venstar range, they are up to date and modern, the Color Touch is about as good as it gets.
You can get them in Z-Wave or Wi Fi, rigpapa has an excellent plugin for them.

Thanks, look interesting but I don’t have the appetite to spend £300 on something that can be done for £60 :wink: