Ugrade vera3 UI5 to UI7 in preparation of migration to VeraPlus

I need to upgrade my vera3 running UI5 to UI7 so that I can then migrate to a VeraPlus. My understanding is that I need a ‘special’ firmware upgrade from vera support to do this. Is my understanding correct?

I raised a ticket with vera support on February 15 (117034), emailed them yesterday with no response to either. I tried calling today and a recorded message told me there were no agents available to talk to me!

Just to close this off. I could not get the vera-supplied “special” firmware to load on the vera3. Vera support could not migrate - they said my vera3 was “too old”!!! So I had to do it manually and it took me 3 days.

This is like Microsoft bringing out new version of Word™ and making it incompatible with any documents produced with previous versions, telling you that you need to type them all in again. :confounded:

@Sorin another one for you, chap


I felt the same way when my Vera 1 went tits up a few years ago, and the company was like, “Eh, pretty much nothing we can do. Time to buy another, newer model!”

Not that I don’t love my Vera Plus at this point, but I kept the old unit around (oh, it still works except for all the Z-Wave stuff, and no, buying a replacement USB dongle didn’t help for some odd reason) and continue to use it as a glorified router and WiFi AP in my shop.

I just upgraded a Vera3 from UI5 to UI7 with no issues. I had to file a ticket, and Vera customer service e-mailed me a link to the firmware.

Exactly what I did. They gave me a link to the firmware - it would not load on my vera3 - tried several times. Gave them remote access for half a day or so to both the vera3 and the VeraPlus - they came back and said in so many words that they could not migrate it either.

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