UI development


This is, I am sure, a very basic question to answer so please bear with me.

I wanted to start playing around with creating my own user interface. I actually love the Dashboard/Overview page in Vera as a simple front end. I started to play with the index.html files in www and www/cmh realizing that anything changed was only realized locally and not remotely.

From quick experimentation this shows me that MCV probably has their UI built on the server and when you remote into your Vera, they are merely using a data_request to populate your specific unit details. Please point me in the right direction if I am wrong, but it would be nice to modify my UI that can be realized both locally and remotely without having to create my own app or website.



Here’s a search that will yield lots of information:


including the official documentation on making your own access point as well as forum discussion on that topic.



Definitely had read through this before. Was just trying to make small tweaks but I guess the best way would be to create my own UI that I can use when not local. Thanks for the heads up.