UI7 ▾ Beta Software Update ▾ Version 7.0.17b (1.7.851/1.7.2121/1.7.2122)


UI7 ▾ Beta Software Update ▾ Version 7.0.17b (1.7.851/1.7.2121/1.7.2122) ▾ August 8, 2016
Last Updated: Aug 08, 2016 11:09AM PDT
The Vera Beta Software Update Program allows users try out pre-release software. The feedback you provide on features, quality, and usability helps us identify issues, fix them, and improve the overall Vera user experience.

Beta User Portal: https://nexus.getvera.com/services
Android Beta Signup: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.vera.android
Apple TestFlight Signup: http://eepurl.com/byLZlb

Please note that since the public beta software has not yet been commercially released, it may contain bugs, errors, or technical inaccuracies. It may not function as well as General Availability Software Releases.

Please submit feedback via the following email address beta@getvera.com.

Be sure to back up your Vera Smart Home Controller before installing beta software. Install only on non-production controllers that are not mission critical. We strongly recommend installing on a secondary controller, and not on your primary controller.


Vera3, VeraLite, & VeraLite G:  http://download.mios.com/rt3662_betafirmware/rt3662_Luup_ui7-1.7.851-en-mios.squashfs
VeraEdge: http://builder1204.mios.com/mt7620a_betafirmware/mt7620a_Luup_ui7-1.7.2122-en-mios.squashfs
VeraPlus: http://dl.mios.com/firmware/mt7621/mios/release/mt7621_Luup_ui7-1.7.2121-en-mios.squashfs

New Features

Vera Advanced Camera Management (ACM) Service
        Enrollment flow
        Upgrade flow
    Change storage connectors
    Cancel renewal of service
    Hot zoning
    Lock video files
    Hot zoning
    Enrollment flow
    Initial setup wizard
[Portal] - End User V4 Design
    Firmware upgrade
    Show default wifi password
    Change user password
    Account billing plans status page
    Services List

Newly Integrated Devices


Centralite ZigBee Lamp Module 4257050-ZHAC 


Nortek Go Control Flood sensor WF00Z-1
Aeotec GEN5 Smart Dimmer 6 ZW099
Aeotec Keyfob ZW088 GEN5

Fixes and Improvements:

Improper encoding for operator characters in lua code in scenes
[iOS] Push notifications not generated for sensors
Philips Hue Bridge - not displayed in Triggers (Scenes)
[Android] Notifications created on the web UI are visible in the Scenes tab on mobile app
[Windows Mobile] Notifications created on the web UI are visible in the Scenes tab on mobile app
[Portal] Bug fixes and improvements for better browser compatibility 

Known Issues

I2/I3 Inputs cannot be triggered for Qubino Flush 1 Relay, Flush 1D Relay, Flush Dimmer
(Android) Cannot set mode for Samsung devices in scenes
Cannot wirelessly connect a G150 to a Wi-Fi access point with special characters in its SSID
Status not received when Aeotec doorbell is manually activated
Unable to control Revogi bulb
Unable to close Aeotec Garage Door Controller ZW062 using the toggle switch (from device itself)
Linear/GoControl WAPIRZ-1 doesn't untrip
VeraPlus cannot add cameras in some cases using WPS button
Siren On/Off button not working in Scenes (iOS/Android)