Unable to Login to VeraEdge


I tried to login this morning. Initially it appeared as if I logged in successfully, but noticed reactor devices were getting an error.

Tried doing a luup reload and then it froze.

Tried doing a refresh and now it cannot log in.

It appeared as if the vera is thinking with a spinning wheel.

After about 3 minutes I got this error:

" Luup engine is taking longer to reload. "

I also received a notification that VeraEdge is offline.

Any ideas on how I can get back in?

If you can reach it on your LAN using the Vera’s IP address, try a system reboot. This option is under the Net and Wi-Fi menu. If you can’t reach it, power-cycling would be the next step.

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Power off and on and gone. Have had that so much…


Yup, power cycling worked. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot why this happened?

Power cycling has the benefit of forcing the hardware to a known state, and doing a clean load of the OS and the Vera applications (LUUP, shell scripts) in case something got wedged.

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