Unable to remove Vera plugin Google Home

So… I wanted to play a little bit and gave my Vera credentials to Google Assistant in order to add my Vera into Google Home and see how it works… It did work a little but in the end I didn’t want to use Google interface. I removed the Vera addon from Google Home, and deleted the “home”. Now when I go and look under apps in my Vera, Google Home still appear even after I delete it and reboot…

I even tried to change my Vera password in order to see if Google kept something but no success… Any idea ?


With the coming UI7.30 software you will be able to remove it. It is in Beta, waiting on the final release.

Cheers Rene

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I’d like to suggest to the dev team that they include the same “This plugin is automatically available on all Vera controllers and does not need to be manually enabled.” verbiage that adorns the Amazon Alexa Helper and Sercomm IP Camera apps, so users don’t keep trying to remove it (as I have unwittingly done about a dozen times!).

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