UNPnP Service-Is there native support for this in Vera

I noticed a while back that UNPnP Service was automatically enabled on Vera but after the recent FW upgrade this function seems to have been removed. Was this intentional or do I need to load this service manually.

Unfortunately I can’t search the App Store to check if there’s any plugins for this as the App Store won’t load. I’ve tried Alt UI App Store too but nothing there either.

Does anyone know if UNPnP is possible with Vera.

I remember having tryed it a few years ago (then on a Vera Lite), and indeed it was working: it was possible to turn on/off devices through UPnP, from a “regular” UPnP app, without requiring anything specific to the Vera platform.

Like many other features that worked fine at one point but failed or ended up being removed, UPnP hasn’t worked in years.

I do have the “UPnP Event Proxy” plug-in installed, because it was required by another of the plug-ins I regularly use (Sonos) in order to work properly.

Can’t say there’s any documentation (or not) online, nor what it actually does. Sorry.

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I’ve moved on from Vera since posting this. It’s in a bit of a mess at the moment.

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