UnTrip Door/Motion sensor Fibaro and Philio

I have both Fibaro and Philio sensor ant have the same problem of staying tripped after door/motion change

At FGMS-001 I think I have to set something in parameter 14
The command frame sent at the moment of motion detection. Further motion detections, during the cancellation time, will not result
In sending the association. Available settings: 0-255 Default setting: 255 Parameter size: 2 [byte]

At philio PST02 I need to set door and motion and I am lost…
I was finding only “Auto Report” setting and maybe “Tick Interval Definition”

Using a Reactor to get the parameter and initiate an action
I do not know how to use LUA code :frowning:

What are you trying to do? Get them to un-trip automatically?



They sometimes staying triped and i neet to go to the controller to change the value.

I don’t think any parameter is going to help this. Just looking at manual for 14 and 16 they change what is sent. Unless you know what Vera is looking for.

For my money I’d use a Reactor to detect and then reset some seconds later.

You can use this in Reactor’s activities to reset under the RunLua section

luup.variable_set(“urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SecuritySensor1”, “Tripped”, “0”, 227)

Where 227 is your device ID

There may be good reasons not to do that.

Can’t help with the Philio, but the same code will ‘probably’ work.

FWIW I have issues with sensors not resetting from tripped as well


So using the AutoUntrip variable doesn’t give you what you want?

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I am looking for setting this"AutoUntrip"…

Each of my motion sensors have this variable and I set it to 5 - for 5 seconds. It’s described under SecuritySensor1 here: http://wiki.micasaverde.com/index.php/Luup_UPnP_Variables_and_Actions#ZWaveDevice1

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If your sensor doesn’t have the variable you should be able to go to the New Service tab (from the Advanced tab) of the device and add it

  • Service ID : urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SecuritySensor1
  • Variable name : AutoUntrip
  • Value : number of seconds to wait before resetting tripped
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