Update issues?

I don’t know if there’s been an update to forum software recently, but for the last couple of days:

  1. Counts of unread posts will not update. I read a post and it continues to show as unread. I have to hard-refresh my browser while on the post to get it unmark the “unread” state.
  2. I can’t split a topic in my Reactor category to a new topic. I’ve been trying to split all messages from this one to end to a new topic called “How do I get ReactorSensor state using Lua?” and when I click the “Move to New Topic” button on the final dialog nothing happens–no message, no action.

Looks like a known bug/regression, fixed in beta 10 (currently running beta 9).

The “Move” issue… the site throws a JS type error when attempting the move. May be related to this post (exact circumstances different but message and location are same)…

Thank you for reporting this. I was just going to post about this as well. Read posts don’t get updated. Moving post to other thread hang and does nothing…

I thought it was just me. I notice the SSL and proxy still isn’t fixed either.


Same here.

Just go to settings. There is now an option to set the amount of time before a post is marked as read. Default is now 1 min. I set It to immediately and got the old behavior back.

Hi guys, this was indeed a regression of the previous build.

We now updated and the counter seems to be working again.

@rigpapa, can you try to split your topic?

no, it isn’t :zipper_mouth_face: - the network operations team is under rapid fire from all the other things going on. We’ll have this sorted. Thanks.

Worked a treat! Thanks, @Sorin