Updates on the new Dashboard

Good work!
Can you show is how a dimmer is looking and charge dom lever of it…
Did not see any rooms in the video but i guess Theo are there…
Did not se Time and Weather Also

Looking forward to test it…
I would love to be able to see of users are inhouse or out of house.

/ Mattias

Android love coming right up!

Adina & team - it looks like the new dashboard is shaping up nicely! :muscle: The video really helped demonstrate the user interaction improvements - well done, keep up the great work and can’t wait to take it for a spin!

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Looks cool, waiting for the Android version.

Looks clean, simple and intuitive. I’m so glad to see that people with sense of aesthetics are in the team :slight_smile:

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Here are the steps how to get the android app with new dashboard Vera Community preview on our new VERA Dashboard!

Looks like the iOS beta is live for me!

I need a new TestFlight invite code. I pulled TestFlight last month since it block the installation of the mainstream releases.

Since I was on the previous veramobile beta I never needed a code, I just got the notification from TestFlight app that there was a new beta version available

Send me your email in private please, so I can send you a new invite

I reinstalled TestFlight, and after thinking about it for a while, TestFlight downloaded the new beta app. I’m looking at it now. Thanks for the quick response!

Jihaaaa! :smiley: Greit!
Its up!
How do i setup the rooms? Now i only have about 60 Dimmers and switches and stuff under one section (devices). Then cameras and scenes.
Without rooms its More scrolling Than ever…
Fast enter to rooms is the most importent thing that is missing in old dashboard.
/ Mattias

We are preparing an update that I think will help you organise the dashboard better.

It will allow creating multiple sections with custom names.


Exactly what I was going to ask for, looking forward to it!

Look and feels good!
First thing I am missing though is long press features for editing or menus. Also would like the option to hide whole tiles, for example scenes as I don’t run scenes manually.
Keep up the good work!

You can hide them by click on setting right corner, + Sign on scenes and then choose what you want there…
/ Mattias

Hello guys,
The new Dashboard App is now in Beta!
Here is our latest demo video:

If you want to be part of our beta group, you can sign up here: http://eepurl.com/gF5rhb

Yes, but that leaves an empty tile that takes up space. I would like to remove the ”Scenes” tile completely.


It will be possible on the next update :slight_smile:

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So after a few hours of testing everthing seems to be working fine for me .Great job towards right direction Adina!!!

The Controller name should be smaller and on top to left on settingsbutton.
Time and date maybe weatherinf there to .
The text in devices should have bold text (fat text) for more visability.
Rooms as i mentioned erlier. And to be able to make own tiles with whatever you want in it. Maybe widgets from ios :slight_smile:
On the bottom it would be nice with fastbuttons if you have many tiles (sections)
On modebutton it would be nice to see how many lights and locks are on/off like old dashboard.
In cameras , split so you can see more cameras in same tile and if you press you get fullscreen.
See if users are in or out.
Change colours in tiles ,

One more thing… Apple Carplay… would love to be able to open garagedoor and maybe turn on a light from the screen in my car… :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!!



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