Upgraded my UZB to 6.81.05. Testing on vera plus firmware

As the title says, I just upgraded my USB z-wave dongle to the latest version provided by silabs and have booted it on the vera without having to do anything to my network. I was already running 6.81.03 before and so far, it seems to be working without any problem. Will report here if I find anything.


The major change appears to be the implementation of smartstart which would make device inclusion much easier.

This feature would need to be implemented by the controller software layer though. Hopefully eZLO is looking into this.

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^^^ Yes, your very correct on this, I’d just like to point out that 6.81.05 SDK is the latest SDK however the latest Sigma UZB driver is v6.06. (which is included in the SDK).

Some will ask what is the difference?

The SDK is more than one driver, it includes other device drivers (each with there own version) other device files such as tech specs etc.
If any of these change then the SDK is updated to a new version, so it’s important to actually check the file you need has been updated.
For those who are not running V6.06, it’s worth while updating especially if you are using a version below 6.0.
Word of warning:
It i s possible to brick the UZB so be careful, also the update only applies to the Sigma based UZB other manufacturers such as Z_Wave-Me, Aeon and Fibario use custom FW, you need to obtain the correct driver from them.
Any Black Cat UZB users are offered a free upgrade, simply return the UZB to us, we will upgrade it for you and return it, shipping changes apply.

Black Cat UZB FW Upgrade.

Something weird happened that I just noticed on my upgraded dongle: According to vera, it has lost it’s primary role. It switched from Master: NO, PRI: YES to now showing Master: Yes, PRI: NO.

It is a little annoying because it now prevents the vera from including devices. What is even more odd is that if I take the dongle and plug it into a PC. The Silabs PC controller shows that it is primary. I even managed to assign the dongle to be the SUC/SIS and included devices from it so it just means that I will be including devices with another tool moving forward…

Now the question is why does the vera not see the dongle as a primary and every other controller does. (I tested OpenZWave as well)

Oh boy. Your description… the first thing that jumps to mind is that this just smacks of testing a bitmasked response against a fixed value rather than masking off the right bits (e.g. if ( deviceflags == 8 ) {...} rather than if ( (deviceflags & 8) != 0 ) {...}).

Yeah not to mention that a SUC/SIS can only be assigned to a primary controller and now the vera shows Suc/SIS: YES PRI: NO… which makes no sense.

On the positive side, I will be including devices using my surface tablet from now on so the inclusion will be mobile. :slight_smile:. I will just have to configure the devices on the vera afterwards.

I can also confirm the above failure with Vera Inclusion.
Works well with Homeseer, HASS, looks like you need 2 UZB’s one on older FW to include and the other on the latest.
Far from ideal, we will pull the latest SDK FW for Vera until a solution is found.

Edit: I’ve opened a Support ticket for this.

Support isn’t interested.
Vera doesn’t support the SDK
Looking very much like a change over to Homeseer

It doesn’t really bother me since it is a USB stick and I can unplug it, go do my inclusion on my laptop and then plug it back on the vera… But still, it is a bug. If I was to choose, I would go eliminate the luup reloads with the serial command queue first.

I downgraded back to 6.81.03 and I am still observing the same PRI: NO problem though other controllers are seeing the stick as primary. It appears that the firmware upgrade somehow changed the NVM network database on a variable or a bit the vera reads and uses to determine primary but no other controller does.

Was just looking at Homeseer and found interesting that they call their SmartStick+ G2 the stick they loaded 6.81.03 on while zooz’s ZST010 ships with 6.81.02. The Zooz is not upgradable through the SILABS SDK though as it is not an OEM reference design on the firmware side.