user-device/room restrictions


i have a fairly small home with a fairly large zwave network. and i don’t want my my kids to be able to access any of the devices in my room, but still able to access devices in their room and the other rooms. and since i have 2 then child 1 would not have access to the devices in Child 2 room and vise versa. so i know there already is restrictions/permissions but is there access permissions as well? Like a PC with multiple users?

is this a feature that will be coming soon?


Vera does not do a very good job keeping devices out of reach of users. Best solution I can think of is using VeraMate, which you can set up on each device (assuming they have an iPhone or iPod touch) for each person. Child 1 would only have 1’s stuff on it, 2 would have 2’s stuff, you would have everyone’s stuff, and the boss would have a custom screen as well.


I second Don’s suggestion. VeraMate is highly customizable and you’re be able to let them see and control only what you choose. If a phone-based solution isn’t practical, I’d suggest the Remotec ZRC-90 8-button remote ( ) I use it as a scene trigger, as opposed to a secondary Z-Wave controller. In that mode you get multi-tap operation on the buttons. I have a number of them wall-mounted around the house, programmed for each room. Easier than dragging out a phone!


A lot of it depends on how versed with IT your kids are. If they are able to go find your vera?s IP address and portal locally then they would have access to everything anyway. I started picturing a fairly complex scheme with a reverse proxy server like nginx on which you can customize users and then redirect them to different custom pages you would have to create while blocking direct access to the vera using a firewall rule on your router… Doable but it is a lot of work.


Good point. I wasn’t sure how old the kids are, or their level of computer savvy. If they have computers or phones and can get on your LAN, Vera’s lack of a local login will be a problem. You can secure Vera by locking it down to only work through their relay servers. Doing this will require a login, but I wouldn’t want to go that route myself. As rafale77 points out, there are things you could do but they might be a lot of work.


At some point, a misbehaving kid needs to have the electronics taken away or disabled ;D


or just a good ol but whopin