Using Apple Watch to Control Vera

I wanted to figure out how to get my Apple Watch to Control Vera

I can now turn lights on/off from my apple watch!

Sharing this in case anybody else is interested.

  • I ended up buying the Roomie Remote Control App ($9.99). The Roomie App has integration with a ton of different devices including Vera.

  • I also had to subscribe to the Roomie Service to get access to the Apple Watch add-on. ($1.99/month or $16.99/year).

  • The following thread was helpful in case you need help to integrate Roomie with Vera.

I’ve only been using it for a few hours, but it was pretty easy to get setup. The roomie remote control has a nice ipad/iphone interface

Below may be a mistype in your post as it makes no sense to me. :slight_smile:

($1.99/month or $16.99) per month.

Now corrected in original post. Thanks BOFH.

The $16.99 is per year.

If someone is interested for a cheaper alternative, through another post I found out there is an app called Workflow that is currently running an “Applet Watch” special for $2.99. No subscription charge after.

It does NOT have direct integration with Vera, but it allows you to set up menu items and then have that menu item triggers a Http Get to a URL, which I set several menu items to point to my Vera’s scene URLs.

In order to not expose my Vera username and password, I set the URL to be internal only (e.g., and not use the MIOS fwd address. I figure if I’m out of my home network, I probably don’t really have a need to turn off a light with my Apple Watch. It may be more secured to take out my iPhone to do it instead.

$2.99 gets my job done.

And to weight in as well… I’m hoping a new version of VeraMate will be released by Apple within days (or maybe hours) that will include Apple Watch support :slight_smile:

It’ll release (for a limited time) at only .99c to activate the watch.

As simply as logging into the app, and selecting devices to display, or easily access all controllable devices. Initial version, but a lot more planned.

Can I purchase VeraMate premium at the AppStore now and then In-App purchase the Watch add-on for $0.99 when it’s available? Is that how it works?

Yes, that’s how it works. (Just waiting for Apple to approve now…)

I was a little disappointed when the Siri on the Original Apple Watch OS couldn’t process HomeKit commands directly. It would require handing off to iPhone.

Apple released a beta of watch os2 a few days ago.

I’ve confirmed I can now now tell Siri on Apple Watch -> Turn off Den Lights. Siri on apple watch will process the command directly and return a confirmation button. you click confirm and the command automatically gets invoked via the iphone (which has the wifi connectivity to homekit). (Now we no longer need to pull out the iphone) Pretty cool

Siri on apple watch will process the command directly and return a confirmation button.

This is good news! I spent some time getting VeraHomeKitBridge to work on my RPi, only arrived to the same disappointment that Apple Watch requires a hand off. This news gives me something to look forward to for the WatchOS 2 upgrade.

Just to give an update on using the Apple Watch and Siri to control Vera I can say that with WatchOS 2 there is no handoff issues. I used the VeraHomeKit project on these forums by Albeebe and Hackworth to setup the VeraHomeKitBridge on an old Raspberry Pi B I had laying around, then installed Elgato Eve (free) on my iPhone and was able to control Vera from my Apple Watch using Siri. Here is a Demo:

If want to do this then you can check out this thread:,31716.360.html. I used the rep from Hackworth here Just follow the instruction on the repo.

Hey Hustoms, it is hard to say withour knowing your system but you can convert your current remote control to an RF remote using the Next Generation Remote Control Extender, which will allow you to use it in other rooms.

I am also using Apple Watch Series 3, Can I purchase veramate premium? how does it work? Plz suggest me.

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