Using Ecolink Fire Fighter or other smoke detector

I used to use a Leeo Smart Alert to monitor my smoke alarms remotely. It worked really well, even detected a smoke alarm going off in a movie we were watching. They seem to have closed up shop and I am looking for an alternative.
I have a Vera 3 and doing a search it seems Ecolink have a similar type product. EcoLink Firefighter. They list it as working with Vera, they added some notes, about adding to Vera.
Has anyone added these or is it supported with Vera and do I still need to make the changes as mentioned by Ecolink?
Thank you

Rather than using a device that is listening for the sound, I changed out my smoke/co2 detectors to smart devices by first alert and added it to my system so the alarm is activated if they are triggered. Now i get both the detectors and sirens if there is a fire so i don’t worry about sleeping through an event and my neighbors also know if something is wrong. Bonus i get an alert via Vera. :slight_smile:

I had considered changing out my existing detectors but I have about 9 and most are pretty new, so I am pretty reluctant to change them out.
The Leeo seemed to worked pretty well, hoping this would act the same. Also Ecolink is battery operated so would also work if I had a power cut and fire. The reviews dont seem too bad on Amazon…
Hoping someone has tried them on Vera or are using a similar device that would work the same without swapping out my existing.

If the smoke alarms are interconnected, I would think only one needs to be changed to be monitored in Vera.

Since my early days on a Vera3, I’ve had the usual (for US) Kidde interconnected (via hardwire) smoke/CO alarms. I added an SM120X relay module to the circuit, to which I connected a Z-Wave door sensor that had an aux contact input. So when the smokes go off, the SM120X makes a contact closure on the aux circuit and the Z-Wave sensor device trips.

I’ve installed the more recent generation Kidde 10-year wire-free units in several homes, and they work quite well as long as you avoid all units with 2017 date codes (bad runs of batteries apparently, they fail in months vs the advertised 10 years–Kidde is quick to replace them under warranty, but it’s still a pain). You can mix wire-free and hard-wired, so it’s still possible to use the SM120X relay unit with them and get the best of both worlds, as long as you have at least one detector hard-wired.

So I bit the bullet and purchased the Ecolink. Adding the unit was a first time procedure and was included as a generic device. I made the changes as recommended by Ecolink in the first link.
The Ecolink does correctly detect a smoke alarm and the nice part is it shows when it no longer in alarm also the battery life, this is all via the iphone app.
At first I was seeing the generic device on both the web, Windows/Google, and Iphone Vera app. After making the changes I now see different device on both. On the Windows 10/Google, I only see the Temperature sensor in the Ecolink, no Ecolink smoke detector even though I used this login to amend the device.
On the Iphone app I only see the Ecolink smoke detector and no temperature sensor.
Any idea why this is or how to resolve it?

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