Using Firesticks Alexa to Run Vera Scenes and Routines


I read this is possible but for the life of me I get my firestick remotes alexa to run the routines. I have a echo dot which works so I know the skill is setup and the routines run but when I try to run the routines use the fs remote… nothing.

All the devices are showing online and linked to my alexa account. What else is needed?


Can you not just say…

run “name of Vera scene”

Looking in the Alexa app under devices then scenes I can see the Vera scenes I have exposed to Alexa via the Vera skill.

However all of them underneath either say “device is unresponsive” or “there was a problem”.

But I can say run and then the Vera scene name on the FireTV remote.

Alexa responds by saying its not responding but then slowly the Vera scene is run.

Seems very slow all round.

I normally use Google Home so haven’t noticed this issue with Alexa before.


No the routines are set to listen for a alexa alert which can be configured… so for examples “Alexa, Its Bedtime” which in my case turns the lights off and the heating down. As I understand it we should also be able to accomplish the same thing from the FS remote but say the same alert… but for Alexa doesnt respond.

Oh so you have setup an Alexa routine in the Alexa app and you want to start that routine via a voice command to the FireTV stick remote right?

I don’t think I have any Alexa routines I just used Vera scenes.

I just created an Alexa routine in the Alexa app with a say phrase.

In the routines action I then added a Vera scene.

Then on the FireTV stick remote if I say my phrase it runs the Vera scene.

So appears to work.

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