Variables Tab - GE Dimmers and Vera Plus

I am having an issue with the variables not updating for my GE light dimmers in a timely manner. It used to function flawlessly on my Vera 3 but since converting to the Vera Plus it seems to take much longer to change in the variables tab. Things like Load Level Status and Last Load Level would change near instantly before. I’ve tried sending a polling command but it doesn’t seem to matter.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this might be?

The variables tab is often stale because you need to do a hard fresh on the page, They did some kind of optimizations that makes it hard for browsers to pickup that the page has changed/update data. It doesn’t mean the values are actually not changing, just that the page is not refreshing and you are getting a cached page.

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Thanks. I tested by clearing my cache and reloading the page and it is changing instantly. Thanks. Definitely different from the last time I played with it. Now on the the Luup code problem. LOL

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