Vera 7.31 Core Firmware BETA 2 Release

BETA - Warning

The links below are for Beta software and are not recommended for testing on a production machine. They’re intended for beta testers only. Please try at your own risk.

We have a new Beta available with fixes on the issues reported after the first beta release.

Vera Edge:
Vera Plus:
Vera Secure:


  • Fixed the issues with the view live image and video recording not working on IP Cameras.
  • Fixed the issue with auto-update option being unchecked after plugin update.

Known issues: Unable to manually change day/night extra setting on Vistacam 700 from the Web UI and issue with an error message being displayed when trying to update Weather Settings without changing Temperature Format.

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Has anyone yet dared to test the beta 2? How about Plus?

It’s running fine on my test Edge. I’ll deploy it on my test V+ when available.

I’m running it on a test Edge as well. However, the Edge was not the problematic controller with 7.30. So the plus release will be the real test.

I’m looking to hear from someone with a Plus, particularly those running the Honeywell thermostat and Autelis pool plugins.

Whats the holdup?

Hopefully QA


We have a new the new Beta available also for Vera Plus. Please check the first post
The update for Vera Secure will come in the next 1-2 days.

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Upgraded to Beta2 flawlesly. I have disconnected Vera from ethernet and bridged it through Wifi and then ran update. I was curious to see if some of the old issues with disabling Wifi happen, but surprisingly all wenr straight forward. I made just basic NW check,logs etc. All good so far.

Just installing Beta2 on my plus now.

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Upgraded the test V+ with no issues. Quick check suggests that everything is working.

Install went well, Plus seems to be working well so far.

To clarify, the cameras work when viewed in a browser. Bug squashed.

upgraded, still no support for the Zooz ZEN30 combo dimmers. bummer.

Upgraded Vera Plus. Upgrade went well, and no problems so far.

Anyone upgraded from 7.29 directly to this firmware yet? Wondering how it went?

Upgraded my Plus from Beta 1. So far no problems.

We have the Beta 2 available also for Vera Secure. Please check the initial Post

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Is the list of fixes the same for the VP and Edge? There were serious bugs reported in the 7.31 Beta 1 thread that arent listed as addressed by beta 2.


installed beta 2 on my secure yesterday, now the plugs with energy meter won’t show the kW reading in the (browser) gui anymore.
can’t check in the android app atm as I somehow got locked out…

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