Vera account vanished after reboot

i am currently installing several locks today on several vera controllers and after rebooting the controllers my account has vanished. I tried a forgot password but it says my account does not exists. My controllers have been up and running for several months now with no issues. Locally i still access my controllers.

Worse time for this to happen and no one in support is picking up. :frowning:

so i just got a call from support. Someone was performing update on Saturday during the day.

updates should be done in the middle of the night during the week so it doesn’t impact customers.


This is problematic for them, and coming from a 24x7x365 world, I feel their pain. There simply is no “night during the weekend” for them. If you, for example, are on the east coast of the US, at 3pm on a Saturday, that’s 10pm in Bucharest, Romania (where a lot of the engineers apparently are, as well as Ukraine). That’s complicated by having customers all over the world. In Sydney, it’s 5am. Once you have customers world-wide, there simply is no “down” time for maintenance. The best you can do is gather stats on traffic for the subject service and determine where its usage is lowest on a weekly basis, and do it then if you can, and sometimes, unfortunately, that means having one or more engineers working at 3am their local time. That’s life in 24x7x365.

I don’t recall seeing any announcements for this window. I’ve got some for prior (6/25), but nothing for today/Saturday anywhere in the world. That may be a #fail on their part. If it was emergency maintenance to correct a problem from the earlier 6/25 upgrades, they should simply announce that, even if the notice is an hour or less. Emergency maintenance is also an understood paradigm.

at least if there was an announcement it wouldn’t have been so frustrating trying to install 18 locks.

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another thought.

There should be a pair or cluster of servers load balanced per region (NCSA, EU, APAC) so any upgrades or maintenance in that region does not disrupt the another.

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