Vera Alert for LUUP reboot

Is it possible to get an alert or to view a log for Vera LUUP reboots?
I read a earlier post from 2015 where it was indicated that Vera Alerts could do this:,31292.15.html

Turn on “Internal alerts” in settings …
And assign a profile to default users to receive the messages.

Vera Alert sends me a notice when Vera Reboots (not very often) or LUUP restarts (usually a couple of times a day).

I have also created a LUUP restart counter in PLEG, triggered by System Monitor. I had 22 restarts from 1/27/18 until 2/3/18. Then no restarts until today.

Don, Would you mind sharing the trigger and conditions for the reboot counter logic? My initial thoughts would be that PLEG would not ?see? the event if the reboot process was far enough along to actually trigger an event.

My interest is more of a ?How you did it? than anything, and I?m always looking to expand my knowledge. Thanks.

Here is the logic I am playing with and testing. Yes, PLEG.

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