Vera Alerts - Plugin Version 7.23

See the following thread for details on how to upgrade:,15065.0.html
Version 7.11 and higher are for UI7+ ONLY
Version 7.23 is available.

[ul][li]Message prefix for the internal alerts.
See the Settings tab
[li]Support for a Generic URL profile
You can now post an alert to any Internet service that provides a simple GET url request.
[li]A Chrome Cast/ Google Home profile.
So you can have your Google Home/Chrome Cast devices do a Text To Speech announcement of your selected alerts.
This requires the concierge server setup.

Version 7.11

[ul][li]New User Interface[/li]
[li]Fix for multiple Twilo profiles in same message[/li]
[li]Add support for log to separate file[/li][/ul]

Version 6.37

[ul][li]Allow Non Vera Cameras to be attached to messages.
Use {Picture(URL)} or {Video(URL, Seconds)} (URL’s are accessed from Vera)[/li]
[li]Add Support URL links in messages for Vera Alert Android client.
{url:YourURL} or {url:YourURL;Description} (URL’s are accessed from the Android Device)
This has already been supported for SMTP, Pushover, Prowl, Pushalot and Pushbullet.[/li]
[li]Fixed bug in recursive templates. This will now allow you to use the following for the Pushbullet Message Prefix:
Vera Alert: {title={Msg}}[/li][/ul]

There is a corresponding upgrade to the Android Client to use these features.
Version 6.35

[ul][li]Fixed bug in Pushbullet … can now set the title.[/li]
[li]Added more support to diagnose problems based on reported user errors.[/li][/ul]

Version 6.31

[ul][li]Fix bug when parsing DateTime from PLEG with datatime as realnumber and ms precision.[/li]
[li]Add URL Support for: VeraAlerts, Pushover, Prowl, Pushalot, and SMTP
Needs and App update to display URL in Vera Alerts Mobile, Coming soon.[/li]
[li]Add support for Pushbullet service - Supports {url:URLSceme;Description} and (multiple) {Picture(xxx)} tags.[/li]
[li]Complete support for HouseMode filtering on UI7.[/li][/ul]

Version 6.27, 6.29
UI7 Bug Fixes
Version 6.25

[ul][li]Full support for UI7[/li]
[li]Implemented a new UI Feature for UI7 to optionally restrict messages based on the House Mode.
The actual filtering will be done in the next release. Waiting on a feature from MCV.[/li]
[li]Added plugin support for Vera Alert Mobil Pictures from multiple Veras.
An upgrade to the mobile app will be out soon to complete this feature as well as to support UI7 access.[/li][/ul]

Version 6.11

[ul][li]Enable the Plugin on UI7.
Although there is no way to currently create notifications in UI7 … So I do not recommend folks moving up.[/li][/ul]

Version 5.7

[ul][li]Add support for PushALot (Windows 8 and Windows Mobile)[/li]
[li]Garbage Collect after messages sent (Reduce Peak Memory Footprint)[/li]
[li]Add more room for Recipient and Last sent on Control[/li][/ul]

[hr]Version 5.6

[ul][li] Fix bug that causes Vera to be unstable when exceed license limits.[/li]
[li]Increased the Free Limits for Vera Alerts messages to 20/restart[/li][/ul]

Version 5.5

[ul][li]Fixed another bug to allow Twilio to use multiple destination phone numbers in the profile.[/li]
[li]Fixed a bug when you delete and add another profile immediately after. It would corrupt some other Profile.[/li]
[li]Add support for a Syslog profile.[/ul]

Version 5.4

[ul][li]Fix for Twilio SMS profile (broke in 4.6)[/li]
[li]Fix so if there is an error in one profile, it will not cause problems in other profiles[/li][/ul]

Version 5.3

  • Added template functions to extract the User Name and User ID of a Lock Pin code.

Some example templates to extract the info for a lock with Vera Device ID #49:

{Device([49].Lock.sl_UserCode) | String.LockUserName()} is home
{Device([49].Lock.sl_UserCode) | String.LockUserID()} is home

Version 5.0

[ul][li]Turn on License for Vera Alert Plugin.
There is a Register Tab in your Vera Alert device.
Licenses are paid via PayPal from a Registration website accessible from the Register tab.

Starting April 1 the Vera Alert device will be licensed. The license is required for any Plugin greater than Version 3.9
Existing users will have approximately 1 month to register.

You get 30 days free unlimited access from time of your first install. For existing users this period has likely expired.
To reset the date … delete the Vera plugin and re-install.
After 30 days, unlicensed users are allowed a total of 2 active profiles and 10 alerts per Vera Restart.

You can obtain a license that will allow you unlimited messages for 2 profiles. (You can obtain as many licenses as you need).
A license is $5.50+tax[/li][/ul]

Version 4.6

[ul][li]Upgrade to Support UI5 and UI6[/li]
[li]Support multiple destination phone numbers, delimited by a comma or semi-colon for Twillio Profile[/li]
[li]Support multiple TO recipients, delimited by a comma, semi-colon, or space for the SMTP Profile[/li]
[li]Vera Reboot message when Vera is rebooted, Vera Startup message when Vera is restarted.[/li][/ul]

Version 4.5

[ul][li]Fix reported bugs related to Remote Access Configuration and Large Number of Overrides. Also prevent communication problems from wiping out profiles or message overrides.[/li]
[li]Fix handling of templates in the MessagePrefix for all supported profile types.
[/li][li]Add Message Recipient to Report of Notifications.[/li]
[li]Fixed an occasional crash on Vera restart[/li][/ul]

Version 4.3 and 4.4

  • Fix reported bugs

Version 4.1

[ul][li]Add Support for Prowl[/li]
[li]Fix bugs in SMTP to allow NON SSL connections, Fix bug in Pushover profile[/li][/ul]

Version 4.0 - Major Release - Add Profiles

[ul][li]Introduction of the Concept of a Profile. This groups all of the properties for a particular notification target.
This will now allow Vera Alerts to send notifications to multiple Android and/or IOS clients.[/li]
[li]In addition to the previously supported profiles:

  • Vera Alerts Mobile - GCM Connection
  • Vera Alerts Mobile - LAN Connection
  • SMTP Mail Delivery
  • Plugin Forwarding

I have add two new transports witch should greatly increase the notification community:

  • Pushover - (IOS and Andoid Apps are available)
  • Twilio - Ability to call any US/Canadian phone … or send SMS to any phone.

[li]An HTML Report of all of your Notification Settings[/li]
[li]Remove {Subject=XXX} from Message body of Email.[/li]
[li]Update Help File[/li][/ul]

[hr]Version 3.9:

  • Bug Fix for International Characters

[b]VVersion 3.7:

  • Bug Fixes for new Forwarding Options

Version 3.3:

[ul][li]Support Multiple Pictures per Alert (Available for SMTP/Mail and Android Targets)[/li]
[li]Add Subject Option for SMTP/Mail targets[/li]
[li]Support Override of arguments in Plugin Forwarding … Allows more user customization of the Notification Alerts even if the destination is your IPhone, Twilio, or Sonos[/li]
[li]Fix a nagging initialization bug for first time users.[/li][/ul]

Version 3.2:

[ul][li]If a burst of Notifications happen at the same time … it could potentially cause Vera to restart it’s LuaPnP process.[/li]
[li]This corrects that problem. When scanning for notifications, handle invalid data.
This happened recently when a defective plugin was installed.[/li][/ul]

Version 3.0:

[ul][li]The plugin version of 3.0 fixes the {TimeStamp} field that I broke in version 2.0[/li]
[li]The ability to take a snapshot or short video of a camera in Vera and attach it to the notification.
I need to work on the Video some more … at this time all of Video Data is read at one time into Vera memory … so keep the videos short for now. This is a function of amount of free memory on your Vera. I have test with 10-30 second clips. I have some ideas on improving this … but not done yet.

In order to receive the Snapshots and Videos, your Android client will need to access your Vera to download these. These files are too big to send trough Google’s Cloud Messaging. So in the settings page on Android is a place to set your UserName, Password, And Serial Number (info needed to connect to your Vera at

This will start the download as soon as it receives the Notification … Chances are it will be downloaded before you get to look at it.

Once you get your Snapshot in the Android App … there is a button to get a current snapshot. This will be extended to videos when I solve the above problem.

With Videos you can zoom/pan and go backwards and forwards (like a DVR) … Click the < and > keys to speed up … touch the screen to pause.

And last … in order to use this feature; add the following to your Notification Message:

{Picture(XXX)} or {Video(XXX, YYY)
Where XXX is the Vera Device ID for one of your cameras … and YYY is the time in seconds of Video to capture.

Note 1: At this time since it all goes through memory … the message is NOT sent until the video is captured.

Note 2:On Android, the videos and pictures are stored on your SD card: as: /sdcard/Pictures/VeraAlerts
They are deleted when you delete the associated Notification from Vera.[/li][/ul]

Version 2.2:

[ul][li]Support for GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) and Local Area Network Wifi delivery to android client.
At some point in time the previous Plugins will NO longer work!
Upgrading should speed up notifications … the previous versions of the plugin are sending messages to a C2DM delivery agent … it fails there than forwards to the new GCM delivery agent. Upgrading to this version skips that step.
[/li][li]Supports forwarding Notifications to other plugins (i.e. Push Notification, Sonos, Event2GCal, … )[/li]
[li]Add additional Template Expansion Context for Notifications.[/li]
[li]Modify Service Definition so VeraAlerts can be incorporated into: AutoHomation[/li]
[li]Bug fixes:
Fix problem of single and double quotes in the notification name.
Fix problem of invoking Text Templates form Control panel.[/li][/ul]

i updated the plugin with http://vera-ip:3480/data_request?id=update_plugin&Plugin=3008 but it still says version 3.2
is it possible to make it auto-update ?

Sorry the android Phone and Vera Plugin Versions are very close … I mixed them up …
The latest plugin is 3.2.

ah problem solved :slight_smile:
i made a dutch translation for ur android plugin btw
is it possible to make the vera plugin auto-update ?

I will set the field … But I am not sure it works.

if im correct it should compare version on mios with the one on vera and if they are different it triggers the data request update plugin
updated the plugin > still 3.2 but autoupdate is now selectable and selected. we’re gonna see if it auto-updates when new version is there, i let u know if it does :slight_smile:

Hi Richard, I recently installed this and the Push Notification plugin on my Vera and Prowl on my iPhone. I would like to route all MCV device notifications (which I currently get via SMS/email) to Vera Alerts and then forward that to Push Notification so I can get it on my iPhone via Prowl. I’m trying to figure out what values to enter in the Plugin Forwarding settings in Vera Alerts. I saw an example for Args and I easily found my Push Notification device ID, but what do I enter for ServiceID and Action? I hope you can help me. Thanks!

Plugin ServiceID:
Plugin Action:
Plugin Args:
Plugin Device ID:

If you send me an example of LUA code that you use for the push notification … I will show you how to set these values.

I just use the Push Notification plugin by massalia ( I thought that with that and Vera Alerts, I had no need for LUA?

That’s true … but you need to know how to forward from Vera Alerts to Push.
I do not use Push so I do not know how it is invoked.
With an LUA Example calling PUSH I can tell you how to setup Vera Alerts to have all notifications forwarded to Push.

I’m a first time user and I’m having similar problem getting VeraAlerts to work with Push Notification. Here’s an example LUA code

luup.call_action(“urn:upnp-org:serviceId:IOSPush1”, “SendPushOverNotification”,{Title=“Home Msg”, Message=“welcome home”, Priority=1, URL="", URLTitle="", Sound=“pushover”}, 10)

See my attached screenshots for my settings. When I click on send, I don’t get any alerts.

Thank you for your help.


Belay that (all below the line)

I usually search the topic completely before I post a question. but . . .

I have since read the correct thread regarding “Vera Alerts” and have figured how to use the plugin along with the Android client. I may have questions later . . .

Thanks again Richard for your work


Hello Richard,

Just started reading these forums a week or so ago, and I’m 3 days into learning about & testing my new Vera 3.

After setting up a few notification tests for a z-wave door/window sensor, I’ve decided that MCV’s SMS implementation is lacking & simple (although the notifications are almost instant).

For example, I can’t even establish a contact in my Android phone for the incoming sms because they keep coming from different senders. Ex. ",, etc . . .

So I searched the forum & thought this plugin may be something I can utilize. After downloading the plugin & installing, I haven’t yet gotten it to work with a device notification. (I haven’t advanced to learning scenes yet)

I’ve been reading the help & explanations on your website . . ./Vera/Plugin/VeraAlerts/ and am wondering if I also need the Android client from the Google Play Store? You note (somewhere) that Android 3 or later is required but I am still running Android 2.3.6.

My question is: Will just the plugin alone work for me?
If so, I’ll continue reading your manual & try to figure it out. If not, I’ll have to wait until my next Android phone upgrade.

Thanks for your time
Baltimore, MD

Sorry I missed this.
There is a version of the Android App that will run on Android 2.2
The latest version needs Android 3.0

I will be working on the Plugin during the next week … If you are having problems with the {Picture(DeviceID)} tag and would like to help me identify the problems I will be available to work with you via GotoMeeting to share our desktops.

Do picture and video tags work with SMTP?

I configured the following template:

VistaCamPT camera motion sensor tripped {DateTime(CurrentTime,%A %B %d, %Y at %H:%M)}. Video clip (10s) included. {Picture(3)}   {Video(3,10)} 

And received this as my email content. No attachments included.

VistaCamPT camera motion sensor tripped Saturday September 21, 2013 at 13:40. Video clip (10s) included. {picture:va.3.67820922968826.jpg}   {video:va.3.68953289123696.mjpeg}

Is this the expected behavior?



If you will be tinkering with Vera Alerts would you think about sprucing up the add sounds interface? It’s bit cumbersome. Especially if you’re dealing with dozens of files. Maybe just designate a folder which clips can be dumped into and the call in the alert would simply be the name of any sound in the folder.

On the list …

Version 3.3 Released!

[ul][li]Support Multiple Pictures per Alert (Available for SMTP/Mail and Android Targets)
Add Subject Option for SMTP/Mail targets[/li]
[li]Support Override of arguments in Plugin Forwarding … Allows more user customization of the Notification Alerts even if the destination is your IPhone, Twilio, or Sonos[/li]
[li]Fix a nagging initialization bug for first time users.[/li][/ul]


Thanks, Richard. I tried to upgrade using this URL: http://YourVeraIPAddress:3480/data_request?id=update_plugin&Plugin=3008 (with the IP address being my Vera’s LAN IP address). I got an ok after. How do I verify on the Vera UI that my plugin is the latest version? Thank!

Goto the Apps Tab then My Apps on your Vera Dashboard.
There you should see the Version.

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