Vera Alexa and Blink/Wyze Cam v2


Can Vera integrate a Blink or Wyze camera? If not directly, could the integration with Alexa allow me to arm/disarm the cameras to record when in AWAY mode?


I’m using DaFang Hacks firmware on my cameras to run them without cloud services and enable/disable motion detection by running luup http calls when changing house modes. If you like a little bit of tweaking, maybe that could be a workaround for you?


I would be very interested in Blink camera support too. At a minimum only need to have Vera enable/disable the camera as a trigger on my security system being armed/disarmed. Right now, when I leave the house I have to open Vera app to arm security system, open Arlo app to arm my door cameras, open Blink app to arm my drive way cams, and enable Ring to arm my out-building security system. Would be nice it Vera could reduce at least one of these :wink:


Wyze now supports rtsp u can use them with blue iris


You can also use IFTTT and webhooks to arm and disarm cameras when the house mode changes. I’m doing that now. When my Vera changes modes it makes an HTTP call to trigger a webhook that either enables or disables my Arlos. There can be a slight delay in the change over, but its far more convenient than opening multiple apps and doing it all manually.


IFTTT is junk. I have been using it for about a year now to turn on my Arlo Light when my Blink camera turns on and there are days when I get the IFTTT notification an hour AFTER the camera detected motion and then I check if the light is on and it is, which means IFTTT action has the delay…and the delay was not just in the notification to me.
Albeit, if IFTTT is the ONLY solution then I guess it has to be.


Hi Crille,
I would be interested in this method if your able to share, also what models are supported with this method? I also have a Reolink Argus 2 that I would be interested in hacking the firmware to enable similar features if you might have an option for this or possible a link to the forum/thread where you found the other firmware hack.


All info here:

Read the FAQ for full features.