Vera Concierge - Stopped working? Is project Dead


Last week Vera Concierge just stopped working. When I talk to google home, it responds that it got my message and says it will do action. “Sure, turning lights Off” But nothing every happens with vera. I checked all the settings, it has all the connections, etc. When I turn off Vera, Google does say unable to contact Vera Concierge. So there is a connection, but no commands are working. I went into the log and it shows it running, but at the time I say a command, nothing every shows up on vera concierge logs
Apr 9, 2019 4:17:35 PM V:CSWebContainer:Cmd:/Log?
Apr 9, 2019 4:17:40 PM V:CSWebContainer:Cmd:/Log?
Apr 9, 2019 4:17:45 PM V:CSWebContainer:Cmd:/Log?
Apr 9, 2019 4:17:50 PM V:CSWebContainer:Cmd:/Log?
Apr 9, 2019 4:17:55 PM V:CSWebContainer:Cmd:/Log?
Apr 9, 2019 4:18:00 PM V:CSWebContainer:Cmd:/Log?

I know Richard has been off the forum since last summer, but has this happen to anyone else? Is yours still working? I paid for many of Richards Services, but sad they are just going away.



wait where did Richard go? jusr say “ok google sync vera concierge”



Not sure where Richard went. Its not a sync issue, I have done sync in the web app a few times, it can see everything. I even did the command you mention. The issue does not appear to be discovery, but the execution of the command. I am at the point I may uninstall it, since it has stopped working and creator that I paid to use has gone dark. Have dead code that accesses my home is not a good prospect.



Everything still works fine (or same as always) for me