Vera Control Skill for Amazon Alexa is now available in French, Italian, German and Spanish

Alexa’s newest smart home tricks are now available for our French :fr:, Italian :it:, German :de: and Spanish :es: customers!

Here’s our Alexa User Guide to get up and running now:


Good news.
I installed it and it isworking flawlessy in italian.
It’s a pityy t doesn’t handle covers…


We’re on that, Domo.
We’re glad you like it.

Good news but I’m suprise to see that roller shutter are not discovered. Is that normal ?

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Would like to know the same

Roller shutters comes with the cover category.
@Sorin do you have any time frame?
Will The skill gets update automagically on Alexa?

We hate time frames :slight_smile:

But I can tell you that we will soon have a new version of the Skill that will support all the latest hot security features like pin control and the remaining capabilities, including roller shutters.

This will happen after we finish up the localizations. We’re waiting for Es_Mex, Fr_CA, and JP.