Vera device as a trigger for Alexa routines

Would it be possible to enable a Vera device (real or virtual Vera device) that could be discovered in Alexa and then used as a trigger for Alexa routines?

An example of a purpose for this might be the use of a Vera virtual switch (simple on off value)
Create a new routine in Alexa and select when this action happens then select smart home device and select the virtual switch as in an on state perform the following actions (various action available in Alexa but not available in Vera e.g turn on kettle etc etc…)
Currently I have 34 devices from Vera added to Alexa (and voice controllable) but 0 of them show as a trigger option for a Alexa routine

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I use the Switchboard plugin to create virtual devices that are recognized by ALEXA and that trigger me routines.
This allows me to launch the sequence of opening or closing the shutters of my house vocally.

I have virtual switch that are detected listed in Alexa as smart home devices to command verbally but none of them show as device triggers for Alexa routines.
Might you kindly be able to post a screenshot of a new routine in Alexa which shows your Vera device available as device triggers please?
P.s I added switchboard and a virtual binary device and made I available to Alexa and it was discovered but still does not show as a device trigger for an alexa routine.

That’s because Vera/Ezlo doesn’t offer that functionality yet. It’s been discussed for over a year, but no answer. Personally I think it would add a lot to the system, especially now that Alexa can read calendar events, email, and run skills from within a routine. Currently I have a Smartthings hub running to take advantage of this. I have a scene that runs once every morning that greets me, tells me what’s on the schedule, tells me the weather, and gives a traffic update before leaving for work after entering the kitchen. I wish Ezlo could do this.

Would it be possible to get some comments from Ezlo devs on helping us to understand what is involved to enable this functionality and what the dependence’s might be please?
I agree that this would boost veras capability dramatically (and by the sound of it match smartthings hub).
Found this API description

Perhaps it might be possible to create a virtual contact or motion sensor that can use the contact and motion sensors api ( ) along with PSU compliant? ( )

More information here:

Any Ezlo developers on this forum?

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