Vera device as a trigger for Alexa routines


For you clarification i am refering to all plugins that currently work with vera and all scenes and all lua code, So i ask you for a third time will i have to re-write, start from scratch?

Am I missing something? How can the Vera Plus be a legacy product when you are still selling it?


LOL. so true

If you want to use Openluup, I have a solution for you:

Coming soon (with 7.32) to a Vera OS device. It is supported under Vera as well, but you need a port of jq that should be available only in 7.32+ firmware (but that I already have installed and it’s working very well for me).

I have several scenes triggering Alexa routines (ie: setting dot not disturb when I receive a call, or based on our bed presence, starting music and dimming lights at Christmas time, and so on).

That’s unfortunate that they’re leaving us behind (I developed Alexa Skills and the requested feature are 2-3 days of a capable dev at maximum), and this should be taken into account when you’ll made your next controller choice… As stated elsewhere, I’ll soon migrate to a ZWay+Openluup solution as pioneered by @rafale77, @akbooer and @DesT.


Forgive my ignorance,
What is UQ package, where to download it and how to install it?

it’s a package to parse json via command line:

You’ll have to build yourself and load in your unit.

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