Vera Edge - How do I set to SIS

My Vera Edge config is :slight_smile:

Role: Master SIS: NO PRI: YES

How can I make SIS to a Yes as I am planning on adding secondary controllers to my network

I’m not sure if it visually changes to SIS, but when you try to pair a remote control as secondary, it will take it and work correctly.

I actually would like the vera edge to function as a SIS = Static ID Server

I want to have all controllers able to add.

“The SIS acts as depot for new Node IDs which can be assigned by
mobile controllers. Having an SIS present in the network allows every
controller in the network to include a further device. The controller will
just request a new node ID from the SIS and assign this new Node ID
to the server. With the SIS it is made sure that no two nodes get as
signed the same node ID”

I have the same problem. Vera support told me to wipe out zwave network and redo all pairing from the beggining.

I have done this using another controller… zway which I added as a secondary.