Vera Edge Plus or Secure which one has most storage room?

Question for the real specialist like @rafale77 and @rigpapa : which controller Edge Plus or Secure has most storageroom left for plugins and scenes etc. I have a VeraPlus running my home on firmware 1.7.2935 for several years and have Edge and Plus for testing. I follow the developments on the forum closely. I am now on a point of switching to another platform or give Vera one more chance. Not because of Vera but mainly because of the great plugins made and maintained by developers like Rigpapa, Akbooer, Amg, ReneBoer, TerealDB and some others . So I need plugins like Reactor, Switchboard, Sonos, Hue, RFXcom, Smartmeter. I don’t need the zigbee and bluetooth radio on the Plus and Secure, only using quite a lot of zwave devices and the plugins I mentioned. So what would be my best choice of controller (taking in to account the improvements that are made in the latest beta firmware 7.31) ?
I think I once have read on the forum that Edge has more storageroom than Plus but I cannot find it back

Completely counter intuitive but on 7.29… The vera edge has a 9.6MB working partition out of which ~5.6MB is available. The Vera plus has a 8.6MB working partition (~4.6MB available) and the vera secure has <8mb working partition (4MB available). This is due to the size reserved for the firmware being fixed and the same for all 3 but the read only portion being bigger for the more expensive/complex units. So in spite of the hardware having larger chips, it is actually not available for use. 7.30 and 7.31 open up some space by using the “storage” partition and moving some stuff there. The devs also moved stuff which used to be in the working “root” partition into to read only partition to free more available space in 7.31 but it remains very limited. The partition size remains the same and will eventually cause flash failure and data corruption after a couple of years.
The best solution remains to extroot by staying at 7.29 and then running a script I offered to upgrade (was for 7.30). I will create one for 7.31 when it is released and out of beta.

Wow I was looking for my old thread where I gave all the details of the (idiotic) partition structure to find out that it was deleted…


This is getting a bit silly


Hi Rafale, thanks for your reaction!
Very difficult to make a choice: Vera Secure has more RAM memory and a somewhat faster processor, but even more limited space to store plugins than Edge ?? Really don’t get why they do are so limited on processing power and storage, it costs nothing.
Staying on 7.29 and extroot is an option, but when they add support for new devices (which goes very very slow) I cannot make use of that. On the other hand I read that with the newest Beta firmware some devices like Sensative strips suddenly cannot be included anymore.
On top of that it seems like they censor this forum to hide all the shortcomings. I think that is much more than “a bit silly”

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Yeah well, It would be better if I would be notified that my post was deleted. There are sometimes things that I post I can understand could be confidential but this is bad…

My understanding on the platform is that they inherited it from their OEM and my deleted thread expressed my outrage as to why they would keep the structure for one and how they actually did not even make use of it. The storage is indeed structured to have 2 redundant firmware images allowing users to switch from one to the other but vera made no use of it. This device was designed to be a wifi router. They added the zwave and zigbee radio and changed the NOR flash to a SLC NAND flash to allow for more write endurance but on the other hand are abusing writes over a very small area of the flash… sorry for getting a bit technical here. I am a semiconductor engineer… So basically it not only limited in memory by the software but it is also not making use of the advantage this compromise was for and it is condemned to corrupt data after a short life…

This started with the edge and when they had more NAND flash on the plus and secure, they just made no use of the extra space. Instead the root (working) partition got smaller because the extra radios (plus) and battery control (secure) caused the code to be larger, therefore occupying more read only space. They did create an extra partition occupying all the extra marketed space used only during firmware upgrades and not accessible to users. Ridicule? I think so.
Now as I said 7.30 makes use of that extra partition making available some extra space of the ~8MB along with moving plugins into the extra unused partition (good move, this was more or less my savespace script) and 7.31 moved a lot of stuff from the root partition into the read only one without occupying much more space but the move broke some functionalities… like icons for plugins which have to be moved and as we just found out, the device json interpreter. It also means that every upgrade now will have to overwrite an image of the kernel which it didn’t do before… which means more writing so higher probability of upgrade failure and even shorter lifetime of the flash. You just can’t win with so little storage flash and such a weird partition table.


Not very elegant, since you spend time (and money) to help others and fix their own things. I understand they’re now back to actively developing the engine and you wrote it when they were failing to fix things, but it’s not how an healthy user community should behave, in my opinion.


Indeed, I am not liking the behavior and it is not the first time. Other members have asked me about other posts which got deleted.
Principles to me take priority over results. And as I investigated how the vera works due to all its problems, it became obvious that some design and management principles that I deem common sense were not followed. I am just a bit surprised to see that show up in the forum too.


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