Vera FTP'ing stuff out


A friend of mine set up some network monitoring on his home network, and found that his Vera is FTP’ing files out to a couple of different IP addresses. I checked mine, and it’s doing the same thing. If you go into your /tmp directory and do a “grep curl ", you’ll see a bunch of curl commands. It’s using a username of “logs” and a password of "*********”. It does look like it’s going to servers. What is this for?

Also, I noticed in /etc/crontabs/root it’s calling a script called “/usr/bin/”. I don’t have the Ergy plugin installed, but this is still being called. The script is in place, and I have an /etc/cmh/ergy.conf and ergy_key file. I’ve never even signed up for Ergy, why is this here?


You’ve got your log files set to store on the Mios servers.

Can be changed by going to Settings > Logs
Untick Archive old logs on MiOS (recommended)



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