Vera Geofencing Problem

The automatic home vs away with the geofencing has been an issue since the last upgrade.
I often find that when I come home it doesn’t switch from AWAY to HOME. If I unlock the iPhone, and launch the Vera app then I see it suddenly go “oh, I should switch” Or I have to manually switch from away. Its as if the software gets ‘stuck’ and needs a boot to the head. It could be the app on the phones that broke it or the firmware update; I’m guessing an interaction between the two. I’ve also noticed that some timed events don’t fire depending on which mode it is in, EVEN when the events have no dependancy to the home/away state. Eg lights on a dusk… seems to not fire when I’m away for one light, but works most always when I’m home; and the event has no dependancy on the home/away state. (all of this with just the factory Vera iOS app (ios12/iphoneXS) and the core Vera Plus - no special programming.)

You’re not using native geofencing and the iphone locator, are you?


Yes I am using the native app geofencing on the iphone vera app. The basic inhouse functionality I really had expected to work and it sorta-did for a while but something changed in 2019.

Separated you post since it was offtopic. You posted on a thread and section about the iPhoneLocator plugin. Your problem is with the Vera iOS app and the vera geofence feature in it.

It is notoriously flawed and is the reason behind the plugin in the first place.

Should have checked who the OP was!

Minok, as Raf says, just give up on the native geofence. Get the iPhone locator App


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