Vera Lite - Blinking fast green light

hi all,

could really do with some help.
My vera lite on UI7 randomly decided to loose connectivity to my home network a few days ago. It is in bridge mode to my main vera edge unit so i have only lost about 30% of my devices :slight_smile:

I have tried different cables and tried ethernet cables i know work to make sure it isnt on the infrastructure side. I have also tried various reset methods online but cant really say what is working or isnt. i always end up at the solid blue/fast green flashing light. (which means connection loss)

Also rebooted router etc but no joy.

anyone have a method to fully restore it?
My PC is win home (or profesional if needed). I tried to telnet ssh to do a hardware reset/reflash but cant see the vera unit at all.

dont mind full resets and the like.
any ideas?

anyone? I cant seem to get any naswer from Vera support these days so any help would be lovely

If you’ve raised a ticket with support with no answer, I think it’s worth pinging @Sorin


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Thanks @Catman

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