Vera Lite connectivity issues

Hi Sorin, I’m looking for some help.
I have a Vera lite which have been serving me well since 2013.
I have avoided firmware updates and haven’t really needed (I believe) because it has been working fine and is still working for my simple needs.
Just last week I faced a problem with my veralite box. When I try to log in through, it cannot connect. If I’m in my home wireless network I’m redirected directly to the device… not sure what the problem is.
Any advice?

Thanks in advance

Hello Colin,

I’m sorry to hear about this. Not sure what might be the problem but I advise checking with our support team, to see what they can do about this. Hit the “Need Help” button up top this page.

Hi Sorin,
Noted…Iactually emailed last week through the form which popped up when I hit the “ need help” button… not sure if anyone got it because I haven’t heard anything yet…
Should I fill the form again?

Dear Colin,

We have addressed your questions and sent you instructions to troubleshoot the unit in a PDF file. Feel free to reply over the e-mail thread and our support team will gladly help.

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Dear Valentina,
Thank you. I have received it and will correspond over email should. Need further clarifications.

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