Vera Lite Upgrade out of storage space

I’ve got a few question I have been using a( obsolete) vera lite for 5 yrs or so last Thursday I attempted to upgrade the firmware getting the usual not enough space message. I backed up my device and network settings and as usual could not figure out how to delete files to make enough space giving up as I always do and telling myself I got to contact tech support this was on my dashboard thru my laptop. When I picked up my phone and accessing my dashboard from there I was able to start a firmware upgrade. when I checked later that afternoon only the blue light was on blinking slow. i sent a email to tech support was told vera lite was basically obsolete. However I was sent instructions to telnet on the the controller to rest it which was unsuccessful .so I decided it was time to upgrade to a new controller I ordered and received a plus then after some comparison I decided to go with the secure it should arrive this tue .I’m going to return one or the other

  1. any one know what firmware version they come from the factory with ?
    2 .I’m Shure sure its going to tell me I need to update the firmware should I or will it lock up?
  2. since my lite is now off line will I be able to import my backup device and net settings to the new unit?
  3. any recommendations on which one to keep PLUS or SECURE?
    I’m no where as advanced in this system as many of you I can install and add devices and create scenes I’ve got about 25 devices hard wired plugs, switches, stats ,door opener

Hi there, I’m sorry to hear about your VeraLite. It’s very hard to brick VeraLite and if you put your mind to it I’m sure you can bring it back with the restore procedure sent by the support team.

  1. I’m not sure sure, but if it’s too old it’s gonna upgrade itself automagically during the setup phase.
  2. Your backup files are stored in the cloud and if your VeraLite was running any version of UI7, restoring a backup to VeraSecure will work just fine. If your VeraLite was running UI5 then most likely, restoring a backup won’t work.
  3. I’d personally keep the VeraSecure, a little bit more horse power, more Z-wave coverage(slightly powerful internal antennas) the battery backup, the built in siren, and the extra RF radio (2GIG Radio Frequency)

Ok thanks if I understand you correctly if I was running an old firmware which I think I was because I have a backup file on my laptop from 11/28/19 before it crashed it
will not upload to the new controller
I did get an email from tech support giving me the option to schedule a call to talk me thru resting my VL which I plan to do then if we can get my lite restored and upgraded to U17 I’ll be able to back it up on the cloud then transfer it to the secure should I choose to keep it .

this is what I saw when I tried to reset it myself and the file I have on my laptop not sure if you can tell what version I was running before the crash I really don’t remember if it is on the cloud I’d rather not mess with the lite and just transfer to the secure :crossed_fingers:
And if I keep the secure am I going to be having all these issues I have been seeing on the new version release thread I posted to yesterday

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