Vera Mobile - Alarm Panel Control

One of the most annoying things about Vera Mobile (Android and Windows at least) is the lack of support for alarm panels. The web version controls them OK, but you can’t do anything (like arm or disarm) with the mobile app.

I use a DSC alarm panel with the DSC Alarm System Plug-in, but from everything I have seen it appears to be a standard Vera implementation of a panel, and it is supported in the web GUI…

I am also running the DSC plugin for my DSC panel on my iOS app i am able to disarm/arm. Other functions are not available.

Ah, so this is a parity issue between iOS and the other platforms.
On Android you can’t see alarm status, nor control it.

On Windows, you have the control buttons, but you can’t see status.

Let’s see if @adina.porea can provide some insight

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