Vera Mobile BETA - Android - v7.32.244 (Updated September 19) - Crash

Normally I don’t use the Vera Mobile (that much) , but since I was up on the roof changing a spotlight I wanted to test them … the app always crashes on my Galaxy S7. No difference if used over 4G or Wifi. Tried clearing cache & data etc …It loads fine, but then going to the “Devices” submenu and bam … app stops …

Always reproducible!

How can this be investigated?

EDIT : Problem seems to be in the “Device” section/menu. Firing a “Scene” does work fine. Pressing “Device” in the menu immediately stops the app.

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Same problem here … :frowning:

this version is horrible.
(not beta even).
all my devices disappeared from the app.
and choosing the “devices” option from the menu, just crashes the app !

in order to operate the devices i must use the google home or alexa app.
horrible !

The same here, device tab stops the app

App running on a oneplus 3 (pie)

Autoupdated on my phone and I have the same issue. The mobile app loads, then when clicking on “devices tab” the app crashes. Its impossible to use.

Samsung Galaxy 10+.

Hi, everyone.

I’m so sorry to hear about this. I don’t see any tickets from any of you, related to this issue. And we don’t have other reports on this.
Can you please log tickets with our Customer Care team, so the mobile team pick this up?

Thank you.


Try to clear the app cache using the phones Settings, Apps, Storeage, Clear Cache.

Cheers Rene

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@reneboer Clearing the app cache does not solve this issue. It still crashes after clearing.

@Sorin When the app crashes, one get an option to submit a crash report to the app store and include detailed logs about the crash from the mobile. As a developer myself I always submit these. Your developers, should, have access to these crash reports. When you both get crash reports from app store and in the forum here; do you really need us to log a bug ticket by your support system?

Crash reports are investigated but it’s good to associate “faces” with reports and establish a communication channel between devs and the reporter in case they need additional info or details about the environment or the particularities of each setup.

There are many corner cases which are not covered by the mobile logs, such as crashes caused by device parameters.

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Sure, that is the standard stuff I try initially. As other also noticed, does not help.
Anyway, I’ve opened ticket.

Hi, everyone.

Vera Mobile Android 7.32.246 was pushed today, containing a fix for the aforementioned issues.

Thank you for your reports and collaboration for the ones that helped us identifying the problem.

I got the update, but the issue is not resolved. It still crashes when accessing the device tab. Clearing application cache (and data) does not help. Still Samsung Galaxy 10+.

Thanks, @trygve

We’re still looking into this, it seems to be more specific to the type of RGB device that we thought.

I have two Fibaro RGBW Controllers and one Sunricher Secondary RGBW Controller in my setup if that helps.

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We have the Fibaro RGBW but we’re missing the Sunricher devices to gather data. If you’re willing to help, please submit a ticket if you haven’t done so already so the team can collect configuration details about these devices.

Please make reference to this post to the support team.

I already have a ticket (197368). Happy to let you have a peak. Will open up a support tunnel so you can have a look. I’ll respond with the tunnel info in the ticket.

Thanks, giving the guys a heads up to follow up on this

Is there anyway to go back to the previous version of Vera Mobile For Android? I had geofencing working reliably mostly until the most recent update 7.32.246. Now, geofencing is totally failing. I cant even create or delete a geofence area. Please help!

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