Vera Plus - All Devices Missing (now fixed)

All our devices are missing off our Vera Plus - 70 devices. The only thing that remains are thee Reactors with flags.

Any advice appreciated.

Easy stuff first: full reboot first (power off, power on). Then browser hard refresh.

I have had the same problem twice over the past two weeks. After the full reboot, I was able to restore from that last known good back up. I also checked all my reactors, more out of OCD than anything. I did have one motion sensor that did not restore properly which I found from checking the reactors. The Tripped state variable was not changing state. I unpaired then repaired device and all was good.

I logged a ticket and the Vera support team stated that when the Vera detects flooding on the Z-wave network it will kick out all devices - seems harsh but ok. In my case, I have been debugging a Zooz Zen20 and in particular the polling frequency parameters. Older Zen20s with firmware below 2.2 were known to flood the Z-wave with polling traffic. I updated my Zen20 to 2.2 and solve that problem and changed the polling frequency parameters to 1 hour.

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Vera support called me back quickly and I was able to restore everything from a backup. The problem was caused by me trying to factory reset an old z-wave device which 'flooded the system". Hats off to the nice lady from Columbia who called me back quickly and held my hand and did a screen share and walked me through the process. With about 70 devices and several Reactors, this was a big problem… Now I have a downloaded copy of the back up and can restore from the online backup as well. Thank you Vera. Nicely done.


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