Vera Plus and Aquara magic cube

I bought magic cube from aquara. This device should works with zigbee. As i readed vera plus can works with aquara/xiaomi sensors. So i tried to connect my magic cube with my vera controller and I see it in my interface. But cube is discovered like one device. Like one switch. My question is: There are someone who tried to connect vera plus (or some other vera with zigbee) with magic cube from xiaomi/aquara? How I can use funcionality of this device?Funcionality like rotation, shake, tap etc? Anyone have some experience with this case? Anyone can help me?

what type of device is the cube // as in vibration //sensor // motion sensor etc?

It’s a controller I believe, that you turn over to trigger various activities


I thing that is all of this. Cube can react for rotate, shakes or grap etc. So i thing there is motion sensor who can detect all this moves

it seems a cool idea…

i want to try it too…

Cool till your child starts playing with it.

did find this

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