Vera Plus generic Zigbee devices


I tried to connect some cheap zigbee devices to my Vera plus.

I could pair them as a generic Zigbee device, and can control them. That is to say… can only turn the lights on or of.
It should also be possible to dim the lights and change the color.
I contacted Vera Support, and they could help me If we can find the XML and Json files.

But unfortunately I can not find them.
I even bought the gateway that Lidl sells, that works fine with the bulb, but misses some functionality that my Vera Plus has. (automation)

I was hoping to find the XML and Json files in the gateway, but cannot login to it.

So I probably need someone who can create the XML file or knows the settings to configure it in Vera Plus.
Anyone can help me?


normally it is enough to rename the files and change the classes under advanced settings

Hi Chali,
Sounds good, but can you give me a little more info on how to exactly do that?



here are the classes:

try this and see if it works, klick on the device and change “Automatically configure” under setting on the device to.“NO” klick save

then go back one step and click on advanced. change the following:
category_num: 2
subcategory_num: 3

then change the device_file lines to D_DimmableLight:1.xml
same for the device_json lines: D_DimmableLight:1.json
and: device_type: urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:DimmableLight:1

ie you should only change the part where it says generic, the rest of the lines should be the same as it is.

Hi Chali,

We are almost there…:slight_smile:
I can now dimm the lights, but can not change the color. (it is a RGBW Bulb)

I used the D_DimmableRGBLight2.xml xml and json, and changed:

also changed the subcategory to 4.

The light dims, but no color change…

BTW I am thinking of connecting my vera plus to home automation, read somewhere that this should be possible. Would that fix it?

Color will likely not happen due to the lack of compatibility with the Vera Plus Zigbee setup. This is a known limitation. It’s unfortunate because to get that functionality you’ll likely need to invest in Z-Wave options.

No it wont fix the color problem, it will make your vera fast and stable.

I dont have this rgb lights so i cant do any test, for rgb i normaly use quin dig-uno or quad. And control them from HA.

Didi you do anything different to pair your lights with vera?
I’ve got some of the smartplugs and I cannot get them paired.


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