Vera Plus having problems connecting to services

I just bought a vera plus to replace my Wink. I got everything set up properly, even did a few scenes to control my outside lights to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise. All works, however when I try to go to the install apps, I get a blank page and it just stays there for a few minutes. I believe ONCE I was able to see the apps, and I installed one for push notifications just to test. It installed it, but after that it went back to being blank. I checked on the vera device and indeed the light for services is not on at all. But it’s connecting to the internet just fine, and I’m able to use it from my phone, it even sends push notifications to the phone. I really didn’t want to factory reset and start over.
Any thoughts?

Try logging into
then try again. there has been issues lately, login seems to fix it.

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I suspect that’s not actually what’s happening but fingers crossed


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Unfortunately that didn’t work.

Does your vera have a fixed ip from the router?

Try logging in at instead. I have found one or the other will unjam the App Store.

That didn’t work either. And Vera does not have a fixed IP, but the router is giving it the same IP after every reboot.

Is there a way to reload the current firmware?

When you login and go to backup you should get a list of backups.
1- you could just try to backup to before the issues started,
2 - you could download a backup, do a factory reset, then upload the backup and restore.

It would be best to fix the IP, this can be done in most decent routers by binding the mac address to an IP. Also make sure theDHCP sever is disabled in Net & Wifi settings.

Gregg I would contact support. There have been spotty problems with the App store for the past few months, and I doubt a restore or reload is going to necessarily solve your problem. Maybe that will help bring some attention to the problem.

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I’m sorry, I believe this is nothing to do with fixed IP,s or nexus. vs home. It’s the app store. Plain and simple.

Has been for months, will probably continue to be as well all know Vera is EOL.


Every time i have had issues getting into the app store, i login. that generally fixes the issue for me.
Also once i fixed my ip, I stopped getting issues. Anyway it’s not a bad idea to fix your ip.

I have had my Vera’s IP set by the router based on the MAC (both the wired and wireless) since 2013. I also have issuing browsing the App Store and every time, for me, logging into the Vera servers fixes it.

Another option that worked for me was the Alt App Store in Alt UI. No need to log in to install apps.

Damn, I should have researched better. After I Wink send me a message that they are about to start charging a monthly fee, I got mad and bought the first Vera I found. So maybe I should send it back if they are at EOL? I did send support a message to see what they can do.

Are they EOL?

The new Linux based firmware that Ezlo are currently developing can be currently loaded on to a Vera Edge. However Ezlo have said the new firmware at some point can be also used on the Vera Plus and Vera Secure.

The current production Vera firmware based on OpenWRT is EOL and will only likely receive minimal updates now if any.

As others have said logging in to the gateway at

Usual solves the issue with the app store hanging and not loading up.

What Web browser are you using is that a factor?

The current Vera FW is EOL the hardware is not. There is a new Linus firmware in the works that, like @cw-kid said will be compatible with the Vera Edge and onwards

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Of course. Forgive me. The HW is not EOL. The FW, and therefore the app store is…


But what is the hardware worth if the old firmware is EOL and the promised new firmware is still in very very early Beta phase?


Not sure, sorry


You don’t have to apologize, you are not to blame for this … :smiley:

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…oh I know :wink:


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