Vera Plus internal DNS fails after a while

My Vera Plus has suddenly (sometime in the past weeks) gotten into a mode such that between a few and dozens of hours after boot, the internet and service lights start flashing once per second. I can still SSH into the device, and I’ve found that the device has internet access but can no longer do DNS lookups. In other words, at the terminal prompt in an SSH session, I can ping successfully, but it can’t resolve This device is configured as a wireless bridge on my network. Has anyone else ever seen similar behavior?


Please check your inbox as I have created a support ticket for your issue and let us know with the required details so we may look this up.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem. It first started with my router’s DNS working only for a day or so (both using DHCP or assigning a static address). Using manual configuration, I used google’s DNS and that resolved the problem and just left it alone. After a month or so, the problem is back where the controller (Vera Plus) is unable to resolve DNS lookups (ie it can ping but not

Any advise on this issue?

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