Vera Plus UI 7 - can I change a switch (bulb on or off) to pushbutton ( on while held)?

Picked up a zwave relay set to controll some things (garage doors), that sit inline to mimic the momentary push buttons on my garage door openers.
You press and hold the button till the door starts moving (its closed/on), then let go of the button (its open /off again).

Is there a way to configure the switch (which out of the box was a type 3 subtype 0, but I set to type 3 subtype 5 to get me the garage door icon)… so that rather than having to press the UI7 switch twice (once to enable the relay and then once again once the door starts moving to disable the relay)… that I just can press and hold the button in the UI and it will automatically turn off when I let go on the UI7?

In other words, is there a real temporary push button available and if so how does one configure it.

The other option I thought of was there is a auto-turn-off timer for each relay, but it is in units of ‘minutes’, and I don’t want/need the button held for a minute. For some reason zooz (manufacturer of the relay device) decided that the units needed to be minutes, so its got a range from 1 minute, to 45 1/2 days. What the. Ok… good to know one could turn something on that will shut off after 45 days. Rather than using seconds which would give a range of 1 second to 18.2 hours to auto shut off. But as is I cannot use the auto-turn-off feature to make it a momenatry.

The device itself has a momentary type, set in the parameters, which I’ve configured. But even when in that mode, it acts like a toggle.

Its a zoos multirelay zen16 for the curious.

I’m running 1.7.4453 and not about to touch that given the grief others have with the firmware upgrades as things have been working stably (or did they finally fix the crappy geofencing response, or the issue with sometimes the commands to devices at certain times not going out if away?)

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You could possibly do it in Reactor. Force an ‘off’ after a second or two


Yes, it would be like a door sensor that turns on the light when the door is open and turns off when door closed. The door sensor will be like a push button switch

Just to clarify, this is a description of the initial firmware release (1.0). The MultiRelay sold today already comes with a new 1.02 firmware which features both a timer in seconds (and hours), as well as a garage door mode for the switch which enables the timer automatically so the device works as a momentary switch both when controlled manually from the wall switch AND when controlled from your Z-Wave interface.

@Minok can you get in touch with our support to request a firmware update file if you’d like to take advantage of the garage door mode described above?

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That is excellent news. FYI I ordered mine from Amazon on March 15th - so there will be quite some stock that has to be updated first I suspect. I’ll seek out the firmware upgrade. Ticket submitted; order number is the amazon order number, as thats where I purchased it.

Will I be able to apply the firmware via the USB C port from my PC, or does the firmware port get sent out via the zwave network to the device from the hub? (ie do I wait to install it on the wall in the garage until after the firmware upgrade, or must I install it and have it powered up now so the firmware upgrade can happen over the zwave network via the hub?)

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