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Dear friends, I open a new topic because I did not see anything similar in the forum.

First I put you in context, I have a Vera plus controller with about 50-60 sensors of different types, especially many Qubino flush sutters (blinds) and Qubino double relays. About 15 days ago the controller began to give me problems, it lost connection with some of the sensors and I must exclude and include them again, until a moment came, which was left in a vicious circle (it changed every 15 - 30 seconds between configuring z-wave network and please wait), at one point, it gave me a memory error and it went offline.

I contacted Vera’s support and after several days a technician connected and solved my memory problem.
As in the intervention we loaded an old backup, I lost some of the sensors that I had installed, with great patience, I tried to include them again, but I returned to the famous fatal loop, and now it gives an error 400 (missing parameters) and tries to update the firmware of the controller constantly. The Vera Plus is oof-line.

I did a Factory reset and reloaded one of the backups that I had available and that in principle worked (I have already done this 10 or 15 times) and depending on what I load, it works again, but when I try any modification, adjust a module, change name from a sensor, it enters in the fatal loop again and ends off-line, and back again.

I have contacted the technical support again, but I have been waiting for an answer for more than 10 days and for more messages that I send there is no way to get an answer, all the messages end up in the mailbox of the technician who attended me the first time , as it is considered that it is a connected issue and there is no way out of this situation. By the way, the technician after 10 days do not care about my problem !.
In fact I am seriously considering throwing away all my efforts ( in the configuration and programming of the system) that I did and migrating to a system that really offer a technical support when you need it, be it EEdomus, Fibaro …

My questions, do you have the same problems as me to get a technical support attention ?.
What do you think of the situation?

Any comments / ideas will be well received.




Please can you escalate his support ticket.

10 days with no response isn’t acceptable.


Hi cw-kid, thanks!.

My ticket number is #228891.


hi, i use qubino for many of my devices (manny hundred) what i notis makes a very large difference is to disable polling, change power reporting so it only report 100% change (1wat-2watt it report) and for god sake late it take time when you make a change, manny problems accor when rushing vera during changes of zwave devices. today i have 0 problems and extremely fast response of devices (turn of on a light 3-4 times a second is not a problem) before doing this changes i had mutch problem like you. after you change the settings it take 24-48H before you notice the change.

Hi there, sorry for the delays as I have a few days off. I see some progress on your ticket but at the first sight there seems to be some issues with the internal memory. I’ve asked the guys to try and follow up ASAP.

Dear Chali, thank you for your answer, I did not reponse you because I am still without controller waiting for a reaction from the Vera support team . 17 days without the controller !.
In theory tomorrow somebody from Vera support contact me and I will be able to test your suggestion. Nevertheless if I understand your suggestion well , it is to disable polling that mean set parameter 40 and 41 to 0.
Please confirm. Regards.

Dear Sorin, just few minutes ago somebody from Vera support contact me asking to organise a call conference!.
I am really surprised to see the reaction time. I AM 17 DAYS without controller. I received some calls ( 3) but technicians that connect to me have limited thecnical capabilities and finally pass my problem to a second line. In theory, of better capacity to act.
Serious problem of reaction !, In fact during this time I have been evaluating other domotic controllers that have a real thecnical support !.
Probably their react because you make any internal contact, no because the ticket is really old !. Thanks!.

You can and should disable polling on most new powered Z-Wave devices. Only older devices that don’t support instant status feedback may still need to be polled.

This can be done per device by going in to that devices Settings area in the Vera GUI and setting poling to 0.

Also the wakeup interval on battery powered devices I tend to set to 24 hrs. 86400 seconds and also turn off polling.


Dear Sorin , finally after 18 days without adequate reaction someboby from level 2 of vera support contacted me and after 1 1/2 hour of hard work the controller coming back to normal working.
Is a pitty this large period of reaction time as the people is well prepared as it was not only a full recovery of my controller if not also a lerning experience that give me many information of the vEra and their internal structure that allow to better understand how Vera Plus ( and Vera) works!.


Vera support has traditionally always been very good and one of the reasons I have used Vera for so long.

Unfortunately it seems response times have taken a nose dive since Ezlo company took over.

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