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I was just wondering if anyone else was having issues with push notifications and e-mails. All of a sudden I am not receiving notifications or emails for code that has been running for sometime. I have some lua code that runs and sends multiple users push notifications depending on door window status. I can see in the dashboard that the user created trigger fired.
The users list is comma separated and if remove the other user(s) I get the notification but not always the email.
Has vera changed something on their end with multiple users?

Please provide me privately the serial number of the controller and approximate time when issue happened to be able to investigate.

I can confirm that the normal vera push don’t come for me either, but in all fairness, that’s happening on and off for a while (last 4 months I’d say).

we are working very hard to move to a whole new cloud infrastructure.
unfortunately this alerting is still in the old vera cloud :frowning:

we are working towards the new cloud architecture. Hopefully soon all this will be over.

I also keep seeing the event firing over and over in my controller not sure how to stop it. Not sure if its related to the waiting to upload message I see.
My alert log is up to 1143 entries. Its getting written every couple of seconds. How do I STOP it?

Can anyone offer any solutions over 3,000 entries now.
Over 5000 now log is loaded with the following errors.

01 06/28/20 16:49:55.038 RAServerSync::SendAlert 0x1c473a8 retries 15 failed age: 30953 file: /etc/cmh/persist/a_1593351234_1593346442_fdd338 err: 0 sess: 0000000001D3005EFA30FE225838BFDCC0E3B9 serv: <0x768c0520>
01 06/28/20 16:49:58.084 FileUtils::ReadURL 0/resp:500 user: pass: size 23 response: ERROR:SQL query failed <0x768c0520>

Woohoo. Started getting a ton of notifications and emails and now I have no alerts showing on my Vera. Haven’t been able to check the log. Looks like Vera resolved whatever was going on.
Be curious to know what happened.
Thank you.

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